Front-pageI’m pleased to be joining Susie Lapin, principal of Peninsula Physiotherapy and  Restoring Balance Retreats, for her popular wellness retreats for women in Bali in 2015, which will focus on ‘Restoring your Inner Balance through Ayurveda’. It’s going to be 7 days of healing through delicious healthy food, massages, daily yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions designed for your specific constitution – being pampered and revitalised in beautiful Bali!

The Retreat Dates in 2015 are:
–  May 25-31
–  October 5-11

I’m here in Bali now, getting ready for the start of the May retreat, tomorrow afternoon.

If any of your are interested to join us for the October retreat, there are limited spaces left, so contact me for more details. For more information about Restoring Balance Retreats, click here.

Here’s an update on this retreat – it’s been a month since the last retreat concluded, and the ladies who attended are still feeling the benefits. Some, in fact, consider the retreat to have been a life changing experience and are all geared up to come again next year!!!!

Here are some images of the time spent in Bali, restoring balance and connecting with spirit:

The lovely retreat venue, Nyanyi Riverside Villas

IMG_1742 IMG_1746 IMG_1766

IMG_1757 IMG_1792 IMG_1995

The retreat activities

IMG_1990 IMG_1800 IMG_2015

The quiet time

IMG_1850 IMG_1970  IMG_1783

Bonding over food and drink

IMG_1858 IMG_1831 IMG_1967

Out and around Bali

Funeral procession, Ubud. Just another day in Bali!
Sunset at Tanah Lot
Sunset at Tanah Lot

The Green School

IMG_1938 IMG_1918 IMG_1939

The Lovely Ladies :)

IMG_1972 IMG_1974

Om Swastiastu
peace and greetings