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Women’s Wellness Workshops

I’m putting together a series of workshops specifically for women’s wellness this year, and will be kicking off with a repeat of the pelvic floor workshop, which was very well received last year. Here are the details of Women’s Wellness Workshop #1 for 2017… early bird registration is available until 2 February 2017, save your space! I look forward to seeing you there. Save Save Save

Restoring your Inner Balance Through Ayurveda

I’m pleased to be joining Susie Lapin, principal of Peninsula Physiotherapy and  Restoring Balance Retreats, for her popular wellness retreats for women in Bali in 2015, which will focus on ‘Restoring your Inner Balance through Ayurveda’. It’s going to be 7 days of healing through delicious healthy food, massages, daily yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions designed for your specific constitution – being pampered and revitalised in beautiful Bali! The Retreat Dates in 2015 are: –  May 25-31 –  October 5-11 I’m here in Bali now, getting ready for the start of the May retreat, tomorrow afternoon. If any of your are…